Excluding the LED display system failure just need eight steps

2016-11-22 00:00
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When we use the full-color LED display, no wonder somtimes it will get into trouble, today we are going to introduce how to distinguish and judge the fault and how to solve these problems.

The first step: Check the Graphic Card settings section whether is correct, the specific set up please refer to the manufacturer's product manual.

The second step: Check the basic system connection, such as DVI line, network interface whether is correct, the main control card and computer PCI slot connection, serial line connection, etc., connection method needs to consult the manufacturer who provides the system connection diagram.

The third step: Check the computer and LED power supply system whteher matchs the use requirements. When the power supply of the LED screen is insufficient, it will cause the picture flicker while the display is close to the white ( max. power consumption), we need to provide the suitable power supply  according to the power demand of the LED box.

Step fourth: Check whether the light of sending card flash regularly, if yes, then turn to step sixth, if no, restarts it, before enter windows, Checking whether the light of sending card flash regularly, if yes, then turn to the second step, please check whether the DVI connection line is connected well, if the problem is not solved, then We think there's a problem with one of the three of sending card, the Graphic card and the DVI line, please repeat the third step after the replacement.

The fifth step: please do the setup according to the software instructions, to reset after re-install, until the sending card green light flashing, otherwise repeat the third steps.

Step sixth: Check whether the Signal light (green lamp) of the receiving card & sending card is flashing simultaneously ,if yes then turn to step eighth;and then check the red lamp is working properly or not ,if yes then turn to step seventh, if no then check whether the yellow lamp is working properly or not,if no then please check the power supply connection, whether reversed or no power output; if yes then check whether the  power supply voltage is 5V, if yes then turn off the power, remove the HUB Card card and Ribbon Cable to try again, if it does not solve the problem of fault determination for receiving card, replace the receiving card, repeat the sixth step.

Step seventh: check the cable is connected well or too long (must use standard Super 5 line, the longest distance without repeater cable is 100 meters), Check if the cable is made by standard (please refer to the installation and setup), if it does not solve the problem,then we could confirm it is receiving card problem, replace the receiving card, repeat the sixth step.

The eighth step: check whether the LED display power light is on, and if not, turn the seventh step, and check the interface of the Hub card is aligned with the LED module or not. Note: most of the screen body connected, there may be some  box no picture or flicker, because the RJ45 interface cable connection is not strong, or the receiving card power is not connected, causing that the signal don’t pass the cable, so please re plug the cable (or replacement), or plug receiving card power (note the direction) to solve the problem.



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