Analysis of seven core parameters of LED display module

2016-11-22 00:00
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The LED module is the core part of the LED display, it is a product that assembled with LED PCB which insert with LED and Plastic bottom shell, and the LED lamp is arranged together according to certain rules, then add  waterproof treatment . With the development of LED display and the application demand is more and more widespread, the function of LED module can not be ignored.

The color of LED module

It is the most basic parameter in the LED module, and different colors are applied in different occasions. According to the module display color categories can be divided into monochrome & full-color.

Monochrome is a single color, can not be changed and just connect the power supply then it could be working.

Full color is the product can be controlled the color of each module, you can achieve the display of pictures and video effects when there is a sufficient number of modules. Full color display can be achieve the effect while by adding the control system.

The brightness of LED module

When we discuss the brightnees, we think of the word "high brightness". This is one of the parameter that people paid much attention to. Brightness is a complex problem in LED display , and the brightness we mentioned with led module is usually luminous intensity and transparency, which is usually the sum of the relative degrees of each module.

The illumination angle of LED module

The illumination angle of LED module that without lens is up to the angle of the LED lamps, different LED lamps have different illumination angle . Generally the illumination angle of LED module  is up to the manufacturer’s  LED lamp angle.

The operating temperature of LED module

The normal operation temperature of the LED module is usually between -18 ℃ and 58 ℃. If the LED display need to work in higher temperature, special treatment should be carried out, for example, adding air conditioning or exhaust fan.

The voltage of LED module

It is a very important parameter in the LED module. At present, the low voltage module of 5V is more common. In connection with the power and control system, before power on,must check the value of the correct voltage, otherwise it will damage the LED module.

The size of LED module

Usually it refers to the length, width, height etc. dimension.

The maximum length of a single connection: this parameter is used more frequently when we're doing large projects. It means the number of LED modules that are connected in a series LED module. This is related to the size of the connection line of the LED module. Also according to the actual situation to order.

The waterproof level of LED module

This is mainly for outdoor LED display, it is an important indicators that ensures the LED module can work in the outdoor long-term . Usually in all outdoor the waterproof level is best to reach IP65.



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