Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Sign is one of the most important elements in the traffic management system, by issuing a notice, warming information on the Variable Message display to guide driver pay attention to the traffic. Our variable message signs are made as per EN12966 standard’s requirement so as to ensure better legibility of the display.

Mobile VMS

LED Mobile Variable Message Signs help to increase traffic safety,to reduce road incidents , such as traffic jams , accidents or road works . Easy handling and reliability are the main advantages of our graphic mobile signs . Our product range of mobile signalization comprises : Road maintenance vehicles、Complete warning trailers、Mobile Variable Message Signs .

Speed Limit Sign

Variable speed limit signs can be used on the highway, motorway bridge or tunnel, TIS major objective is to control the speed limit sign:

• Control the traffic speed,to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion

• Slow down the speed on main traffic lines and entrance ramps, improve the safety and prevent the velocity differences between the traffic flow mutant.

Radar Speed Limit Sign

Radar Speed Limit Sign is used for reminding the driver to slow down in the road ahead so as to ensure road safety. A series of modules display information about temporary/permanent traffic scene including resident area, urban/rural roads, highway, the school/pedestrian area,building sites and the speed execution area.

Car Park Sign

LED parking display offers a range of dynamic , real-time information display systems for car parks as well as complete car park guidance signs and systems . LED car park VMS can display car park occupancy and space availability to the public and are suitable for many applications including urban traffic management , airport terminals , shopping centers ,university campus , hospitals ,etc.

LED Lane Signal

Lane Lane signal is used for closing the express way, bridge, tunnel when traffic accidents happened. to reduce the occurrence of the second accidents so as to improve people’ s safety.


Our modular passenger information system , ensures your passengers always have up-to-date arrival and departure times , or information about connecting services , and it also displays important special messages . Passenger information at stations and stops is shown on high-quality LED matrix displays . Whether they are located on short or long platforms ,in underground stations , or at central interchanges , our passenger information displays .




Fixed LED Display



Rental LED Display

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